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About Green Star

Green Star International was founded in 1990, in Atlanta, Georgia, where the first pilot model of the anaerobic digester was tested at the wastewater treatment facility in Conyers, Georgia.

Presently, Green Star International has concluded testing a pilot model at its wastewater treatment facility in Gonzales, Louisiana, with exceptional test results; we achieved removing 90-94% of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) on a first pass basis in a 24 hour period.


Barbara Brewer

Barbara Muir Brewer

As my maiden name answers, my cousin, John Muir, the environmentalist, working with President Theodore Roosevelt, founded Yosemite National Park, Muir Woods, and the majority of the National Parks in the northern United States. I worked for 30 years as a paralegal which afforded me the opportunity to pursue water reclamation with college classes to improve our environment.

My main goal in life is clean water in abundance. Hence our motto, “We Bring Quality To Life.”

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Green Star can reduce cost, waste and provide clean, green energy-neutral solutions.

Green Star's Anaerobic process is proven to eliminate 93% of TSS on the first pass.

Green Star has a less than 24-hour retention time.

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