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Green Star's GSI Clean Process

Green Star's "GSI Clean" is a rapid anaerobic process for the reduction of organic load in primary wastewater. It is a continuous flow with a throughput of influent and a residence time of 15 - 24 hours in the reactor.

Compared to present aerobic process, requiring high oxygenation in the reactor for efficiency, The "GSI Clean" process eliminates oxygenation and reduces maintenance costs.

The current form of Anaerobic Digestion is being utilized in many Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) today. The current Anaerobic treatment has an average retention time for processing of 20 - 30 days. On average, there is only a 40% elimination of total suspended solids (TSS).

Other's Process

Current Water Process

This illustration shows how other systems work.

The GSI Process

New GSI Process Map

This illustration shows how Green Star's process works.

The GSI Results

The anaerobic digestion converts the solids to a methane-rich gas at the rate of 60 to 70 percent methane and 40 to 30 percent co2. The amount of methane gas produced is as follows:

With a BOD of 200, for every one gallon of sewage, the Green Star process will produce one gallon of methane gas.

Note: A basis conversion of methane gas @ 600 BTU converted to kilo-watts (KW). It takes roughly 24.2 cubic feet of methane gas to generate one (KW) of electricity using figures from a natural gas-burning engine company.

Table 1

Methane Production Table

Gas production rate @ 200 BOD and 7.48 gallons per cubic foot

The above calculations were performed by design engineer, Wilbur Monceaux. They accurately and consistently represent gas productions from previous test models.

Green Star can reduce cost, waste and provide clean, green energy-neutral solutions.

Green Star's GSI Clean process is proven to eliminate 93% of TSS on the first pass.

Green Star has a less than 24-hour retention time.

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